"I'll stop time for you, the second you say you'd like me to." Shawn Mendes

"I think it's not about what you say, it's about what you don't say." Shawn Mendes

"I'm permanent. you can't erase me." Shawn Mendes

"My advice to anyone with a dream  is to never stop pursuing it." Shawn Mendes

"I wanna love you with the lights on." Shawn Mendes

"All the stars in the sky could see why you're perfectly wrong for me." Shawn Mendes

"I have a thing where if I'm not in control, I feel the whole world is about to collapse." Shawn Mendes

"I think anyone can do anything they dream of if they put their mind to it and put in the work." Shawn Mendes

"Take a piece of my heart and make it all your own so when we are apart you'll never be alone." Shawn Mendes

"you can't get too comfortable and relax, because your world can flip overnight." Shawn Mendes

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