"I think the age we're living in is starting to get scary." Paula Patton

"The deeper you dig, the bigger the possibility that something could happen." Paula Patton

"I'm black because that's the way the world sees me." Paula Patton

"Sometimes I do yoga, sometimes it's ki kickboxing, sometimes it's weight training, sometimes it's pilates." Paula Patton

"The older I get the more I accept and appreciate myself." Paula Patton

"I realized that what we do as professions affects how we act as people, big-time." Paula Patton

"I try not to have too many opinions, I just marvel at the world we live in." Paula Patton

"If you have the capacity to love, you have the capacity to love anyone." Paula Patton

"Comedy is not supposed to be funny. It's supposed to tell the truth and then that's funny." Paula Patton

"No matter how you look, we all hurt the same, cry the same, and feel joy the same." Paula Patton

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