"I won't date a model, because models are perfect and perfect is boring." Niall Horan

"I'm not really a flirt, i just try to be myself." Niall Horan

"Fans always tell me I'm beautiful, but no one will ever be as beautiful as them." Niall Horan

"I've not actually been on too many dates." Niall Horan

"I'm the kind of boy that can fall in love with any girl because I love with the heart, not the eyes." Niall Horan

"I don't want to live up to how people expect me to be." Niall Horan

"Someone told me the smile on my face gets bigger when I play the guitar." Niall Horan

"When I have time off, all I want to do is do nothing." Niall Horan

"I'm the must carefree, happy person you'll meet." Niall Horan

"The bigger the crowd the better really. The noise calms you nerves." Niall Horan

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