"I'm always counting on you for the things that I can't do." Loid Forger

"I want you to be exactly who you are." Loid Forger

"All people have a side of themselves they can't reveal to others." Loid Forger

"This time, you just have to memorize all the answers." Loid Forger

"The idea that people can reach a mutual understanding just by talking to each other is idealistic at best." Loid Forger

"It's not so easy to get things right with favorable conditions." Loid Forger

"Having to perform all the time, it can be completely exhausting." Loid Forger

"I just get dragged around every which way, trying to keep my family happy. Just your average dad." Loid Forger

"To create a world where children won't have to cry, that's why I became a spy." Loid Forger

"As soon as I'm done with this mission, I'm sending her back to the orphanage." Loid Forger

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