"Thank you for believing in my weirdness." Katy Perry

"Comparisons are easily done, once you've had a taste of perfection." Katy Perry

"Acceptance is the Key to be truly free." Katy Perry

"If you can believe in something great, then you can achieve sometimes great." Katy Perry

"I'm kind of a more sunshiny person myself." Katy Perry

"You don't have to feel like a waste of Space, your original cannot be replaced." Katy Perry

"Find out what your gift is and nature it." Katy Perry

"I don't need the prince Charming to have my own happy ending." Katy Perry

"I'm happy, I'm in a good player, I'm looking forward to my future." Katy Perry

"Maybe the reason why all the doors are closed so you could open one that leads you to the perfect road." Katy Perry

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