"Work Hard, have fun, make history." Jeff Bezos

"If you never want to be criticized, for goodness' sake don't do anything new." Jeff Bezos

"Your margin is my opportunity." Jeff Bezos

"One of the only ways to get out of a tight box is to invent your way out." Jeff Bezos

"I'm a genetic optimist." Jeff Bezos

"The great thing about fact-based decision is that they overrule the hierarchy." Jeff Bezos

"It's not an experiments if you know it's going to work." Jeff Bezos

"What's dangerous is not to evolve." Jeff Bezos

"Life's too short to hangout with people who aren't resourceful." Jeff Bezos

"If you decide that you're going to do only the things you know are going to work, you're going to leave a lot of opportunity on the table." Jeff Bezos

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