"I've always been confident in my abilities all throughout my life." Davante Adam

"Being able to overcome obstacles and to demand the most out of yourself is a quality that everyone needs to be successful." Davante Adam

"I put a lot into my craft." Davante Adam

"To be real with you, I have no problem with being a hermit, man." Davante Adam

"I'm a guy who feels off the energy of the fans heavily." Davante Adam

"I went under the radar my whole life." Davante Adam

"I just want to get the respect that I deserve." Davante Adam

"I want to go down as one of the greatest, if not the greatest, receiver of my era." Davante Adam

"I think I'm the best receiver in the NFL. I do." Davante Adam

"It's nothing against anybody else. I just don't feel like anybody can guard me." Davante Adam

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