"True happiness is not expensive. If it requires a high price, it's a fake." Chris Hemsworth 

"I get to stay active and that is my job at the moment, so I can't complain." Chris Hemsworth 

"It wasn't until 'Thor' that I started lifting weights. It was all pretty new to me." Chris Hemsworth 

"The closer you are to death, the more alive you feel." Chris Hemsworth 

"I almost feel more anxious lately about, 'Here's your opportunity, now you've got to make something of it."  Chris Hemsworth 

"The more conflict and contrast you have with a character makes it more interesting." Chris Hemsworth 

"Sometimes there is more exploration in the character for a villain." Chris Hemsworth 

"I choose to run towards my problems and not away from them. Because that's what heroes do." Chris Hemsworth 

"It's important to be aware of different people's styles and how you adapt or change or steal their ideas." Chris Hemsworth 

"Any times you have someone come up and say they love what you do they get great joy from it is a very humbling experience." Chris Hemsworth 

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