"Everyone has different sides to them, and we're constantly changing." Bae Suzy

"Faces of love is asking about what the fundamental nature of love is." Bae Suzy

"I always have doubts. I am weary of people." Bae Suzy

"I'm not such a talkative person, and I don't like speaking in front of a lot of people." Bae Suzy

"Inside the car is truly my own personal space." Bae Suzy

"I'd like to become a singer who express myself more openly."  Bae Suzy

"To me, the time in the car is very precious, and I want to fully enjoy it." Bae Suzy

"I used to not be able to sleep if it's not inside the car or the bed in my room." Bae Suzy

"I think I find a commonality between characters and the different sides of myself." Bae Suzy

"While you were sleeping was actually a special opportunity for me to grow up a lot." Bae Suzy

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