"Alexa, turn the sun on for the rest of the year." Addison Rae

"Take a step back and appreciate the little things that make you smile." Addison Rae

"I love you and you are perfect." Addison Rae

"Wake up every morning and remind yourself that you're a bad bleep." Addison Rae

"Normalize growth from mistakes after learning and changing." Addison Rae

"The quality of your mind is the quality of your life."  Addison Rae

"You are worthy. Have a beautiful day, you deserve it." Addison Rae

"Learn to love yourself before you try to love anyone else." Addison Rae

"Don't judge others for the things you don't want to be judged for." Addison Rae

"Good morning beautiful people who are worthy of love, peace and happiness." Addison Rae

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